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District Wide Broadcast Message

Penn Valley Union Elementary School District

The first day of school is Wednesday, August 14th and is a minimum day. Happy Summer!

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Upcoming Events

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Fostering Excellence

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That's Our Goal!
In addition to core academic values we also promote character development and analytical thinking skills. To achieve these goals we offer programs that develop critical values - Responsibility, Safety, and Respect. These are traits every child needs for lifetime success.
3 Great Schools

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Our Students participate in local and state tournaments. Your children have the opportunity to make friends with others in their own neighborhood, link to other kids and families with similar interests, or pursue individual interest in the Charter Independent Study program. Vantage Point Charter School has been honored with highest accreditation (6 years) through WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges).
  • Ready Springs (TK - 8)
  • Williams Ranch (K - 5)
  • Vantage Point Charter (K - 12)
Experiential Learning

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Penn Valley Schools also understand the value of experiential learning to supplement the critical time in the classroom. We offer field trips that span California from the coast to the mountains, expanding kids' horizons in ecology, geology, engineering, history, culture, arts, and more.